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Fly Fishing Basics | Part 2

In Fly Fishing Basics part 2 we take a look at the two building blocks of fly fishing:

The Roll Cast and The Overhead Cast

The Roll Cast

Watch the video


  • We use ‘clock face principal’ where your rod tip is pointing to the water at 8 o’clock and pointing vertically at 12 o’clock
  • Grip the rod as if you are shaking hands with someone
  • Start with the rod tip at the water (8 0’clock)
  • Lift your rod to the 12 o’clock position with your thumb, pointing vertically, just off your right eye (assuming you are right handed; obviously reverse this if you are using your left hand)
  • The line should now form a loop behind your shoulder (D loop) with the rest of the line still on the water in front of you (the anchor point)
  • Now accelerate your hand forward, stopping firmly at 11 o’clock. The line should now straighten and flow out over the water

That’s it! Congratulations, you’ve just made your first roll cast.

The Overhead Cast

Watch the video


  • Again using the clock face principal, start with the line straight on the water with the rod tip pointing to the water at 8 0’clock
  • Lift the rod slowly and as you get to 10 o’clock start to speed up to a firm stop at 12 o’clock
  • Pause and count one, two while allowing the line to straighten
  • Now accelerate forward to a firm stop at 11 o’clock
  • The line will flow out over the water so follow the line down with the rod to water level

Congratulations, you’re now ready to catch a trout!

Roll Cast & Overhead Cast Video


If you found this information useful or you’d like me to cover anything in a future tutorial please feel free to comment below – your comments are always appreciated.

Visit the homepage of the main site here or contact me here to arrange a lesson, course or a fly fishing trip.

‘Til next time, happy fly fishing. 😀

Tim Gaunt-Baker



Fly Fishing Lessons At Blackdyke Fishery, Norfolk

I am happy to announce that I have recently added another great fly fishing location here in Norfolk from where I will be running extra beginners and improvers fly fishing lessons. See dates below.

Blackdyke Fishery in Feltwell, Norfolk has just been opened to the public and comprises of a terrific 8 acre lake that has in fact been established for several years. The fishing is proving to be all you would want from a small stillwater; there are plenty of hard fighting fish, all in the peak of condition.


Situated on the edge of the Norfolk fens, the fishery sits within easy reach of Bury St Edmunds, with Newmarket to the south, Kings Lynn and Swaffam to the East, Wisbech, Ely and Cambridge to the west.

The facilities there are probably the most up to date of any fishery in the region: There is a good anglers lodge with toilet and shower facilities for ladies, and gentlemen and they also cater well for the physically challenged. A fully fitted kitchen is also available for large or small events. Tea, coffee and snacks are available to all during fishing.

On the lake there are 3 boats with electric motors and one wheely boat for physically challenged anglers. There is plenty of bank space with varying depths of water from 10’ to over 20’ in places.  As the fishery is based on chalk with a clay underlining the water tends to be very clear, which produces an abundant fly life.

As mentioned, I will be using this fishery for both Beginners and Improvers courses this year. Please contact me for any bookings as we tend to get booked up In the Spring quite quickly. I have attached the dates for the courses below:


One Day Fly Fishing Courses At Blackdyke Fishery

Introduction To Fly Fishing                                          27th                          10th                       8th
Advance casting and Fishing techniques                 31st                           21st                       29th
Any other dates by arrangement
All courses start at 9.30 finish  at 5.30  minimum 4 people Maximum 6 people.
Please reserve your place online to be sure of a place.
  • Introduction to Fly Fishing

Advance Casting & Fly Fishing Techniques

Contact here for costs and further details

All courses start at 9.30AM and finish at 5.30PM

Minimum 4 people and maximum 6 people.

Please reserve your place online to be sure of a place.

Please note: Pre-booking is ESSENTIAL: a booking deposit of £30 is required. You can book here by PayPal. 🙂

For a more in depth look at what to expect on the day, have a look at our Trout Fishing Norfolk courses page.

UK Fly Fishing Season Enters The Last Few Days

The UK fly fishing for brown trout season has all but ended, depending on where you live; but don’t hang up your rods just yet, as there are  still some great opportunities for you in the coming autumn.

Fresh Trout For Dinner
Fresh Rainbow Trout For Dinner?  These three beauties were caught in a small stocked lake in Scotland by a complete beginner during his first fly fishing lesson.     

Many of the large still waters like Graffam, Rutland and Eyebrook are still open until late October and can offer some fine fly fishing from the banks especially near the weed beds and along the margins.

Some of the bigger fish patrol along the edges chasing fry, so fish for white minkies or black and green tadpoles, or if all else fails try the cat’s whisker or any other fry patterns are always worth a try.

Note too, that dry flies are always worth a cast on warmer day’s, so just keep your eyes open for a hatch and look for feeding fish.

In just another few weeks time, those of you who live near southern chalk streams will quite possibly be out looking for grayling. However, grayling are not just found in the south of England, many Midland and northern rivers have excellent stocks.

In fact, from December onwards you can fish the upper Tweed for grayling and many other Scottish rivers.

A list of potential rivers to fish will be on this website very shortly; so register your details and you will be the first to hear some of the news and views of the grayling season.

Finally, pike fly fishing will really get under way from late October onwards, so get tying some of those monster flies. And if you have trouble casting a big heavy fly, I strongly suggest you try using a double handed rod; it  really will help you get over that troublesome bankside vegetation.

UK Fly Fishing Lessons With Tim Gaunt-Baker
UK Fly Fishing Lessons With Tim Gaunt-Baker

I shall be running some grayling and pike fly fishing trips in November and December; the provisional dates are as follows:

Grayling Fly Fishing:

  • South of England  –  18th & 19th  OR 27th &  28th November 2009
  • North of England  –    4th &    5th OR 9th  & 10th  December  2009

Pike Fly Fishing:

  • 21st  or 29th November 2009 or 12th december 2009
  • any other dates by arrangement.

The rivers that we will fish for both grayling and pike fly fishing will be confirmed on booking.

  • Cost will be £75 per head
  • Only 4 people per day
  • Register your details to keep up to date with confirmed dates and other news

NB. To register, go to the homepage and find the red box on the right of the page that says, “NorfolkFlyFishing News”.

Enjoy your fishing tight lines.