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So you’re looking for some fishing gifts ideas are you? I know a lot of you are looking for something great to buy for your nearest and dearest (especially at this time of year), so I’ve put together a few ideas for you to consider slipping into their fishing stockings this Christmas.

Of course, being a fly fishing instructor, my small list of fishing gifts ideas does tend to err on the side of the fly fishing enthusiast.

1.  Fly Fishing Gift Vouchers

2. The Best Fly Fishing DVD On The Market

1. Fly Fishing Gift Vouchers

Coming in at number one I must remind those of you who haven’t purchased one of my Norfolk fly fishing gift vouchers previously that I do have a great collection of fishing gift vouchers available for all budgets and all levels of fly fisherman/woman.

Giving one of these vouchers as a gift is sure to be winner if your friend, partner, child or colleague is fly fishing enthusiast.

Here’s a little snapshot of  the vouchers you can give as a gift, or just go directly to the fishing gift vouchers page for more details of what’s on offer:

Fishing Gift Vouchers

2. The Best Fly Fishing DVD On The Market

Now when it comes to receiving fishing gifts I know this is an absolute winner because my son gave me this one very recently. Actually it was my inspiration for this post. Of course giving it the title of ‘The Best Fly Fishing DVD On The Market’ is only a matter of opinion but this really is a unique production; and it seems from the reviews I’ve read I’m not alone in applauding its brilliance. See video clip.

Once In A Blue Moon by Jeanie Ackley and Carl McNeil really does set the bar high for future fly fishing film makers. Shot in New Zealand both above and below the gentle crystal currents, the cinematography of this 36 min long film is simply stunning to say the least. With plenty of beautifully shot casting, huge, mice eating trout and the fascinating biology lesson, this documentary is highly entertaining and informative in equal measures.

Even if you are not a keen fly fisherman you will appreciate this just as my dear wife did. Once In A Blue Moon gets a whopping two thumbs up from me! You can get hold of the DVD here or by clicking on the image below. See video clip first.

Buy Once In A Blue Moon Here

If you want to see a 5 minute video clip of Once In A Blue Moon, before purchasing the entire DVD, take a look at the YouTube video below. Apparently, it’s the clip that won the 2009 Drake Fly Fishing Video Awards. Enjoy 😆

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