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 Loch Awe Fishing Experience


4 day/3 night fishing experience

set on the shores of Loch Awe, a stunning 27 mile long,

fresh water loch in the beautiful Scottish Highlands

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 You can book now as we have eight rooms put aside for each week on a 3 day/4 night basis.


Arrive in the evening, rest and enjoy a meal and a chat about the next fantastic three day programme.




Instruction on all still water techniques and tackle familiarisation, covering lines, rods, reels etc. Learn casts that catch fish from the shore or from a boat.


Venture out onto the loch and explore the various bays and stunning locations for fly fishing and how to fish them.



Instruction on river fishing with both single and double handed rods. Learn the roll cast, the spey cast snake roll and other casts in order to cover the water effectively in all conditions.


Free afternoon to fish either the Orchy or Loch Awe with assistance from the instructors.


Morning and all day

A trip on the loch to fish for the famous Wild Brown Trout of Loch Awe, accompanied by Tim Gaunt-Baker or David Parker, 

(This is optional and can be split between all disciplines; please discuss with Tim or David.)


Vacate rooms by 10am and feel free to fish until your planned departure.


Contact Tim Gaunt-Baker

Course Co-ordinator


Tel:           +44 (0)1553 813769

Mobile:     +44 (0)7876 555960







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Salmon Fishing Scotland



 Salmon Fishing The Rivers Orchy & Awe



 Loch Awe Fishing Experience 




















The ultimate fishing venue for all species of game fish and predators, set on the shore of Loch Awe, which is 27 miles of stunning fresh water loch.

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Portonachan Fishing

Portsonachan Hotel


Loch Awe Trout Fishing

 Loch Awe is a 27 mile long, stunning, fresh water loch set in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland.

During your stay at the Portsonachan Hotel we will take you out around the bays where there is a good head of truly wild brown trout; no stocked fish here!

The smaller fish tend to be found in the shallower water, but further out on the loch you will find the bigger fish. We will show you the true loch style fishing: drifting sideways down wind; this is the best way to catch the Wild Brownies with a team of flies; patterns like, Black Pennell, Grouse & Claret, Kingfisher Butcher or Bloody Butcher, Peter Ross are all good patterns for the Loch. Hook Sizes 10 to 12 for these traditional wet fly patterns. For lure fishing size 8 long shank hooks are recommended.

Rods reels and lines can be hired for the length of your stay and we will always have a range of Flies and accessories available.




Stalking The Monster Trout of  Loch Awe

As you are perhaps aware, Loch Awe holds the record for the biggest Wild Brown Trout - at 31lb 12oz - caught in 2003, and has consistently produced fish in excess of 20lb every year since. These fish are true sporting game fish. They fight like tigers and indeed require specialised tackle to take them on successfully. David Parker, with many years experience of stalking these beasts, will brief you and manage your day.

You will go out onto the Loch in one of our specialist boats equipped with down riggers, trolling equipment and sonar, which will allow you to reach into the depths of Loch Awe (300ft plus in places). You'll be able to catch theses stupendous fish as they stalk there food source, the wily Char, at depths of up to 100ft.

We supply all the equipment you will need and the boats can take up to 3 rods at a time with the skipper/guide, who will usually be either David Parker or Tim Gaunt-Baker.


 Salmon Fishing The Rivers Orchy and Awe

Salmon come into the loch throughout the summer and then run up the Orchy, a true gem of a salmon river and once one of the most prolific in the Highlands. The Awe also has a run of salmon and we will take you to some of the best places to try your luck.

We will Guide you on the Rivers and teach you to spey cast, so you can cover the water and catch that bar of silver.

The fish on the rivers are on average around the 10lb mark but some are bigger and they all fight like tigers.

Rods reels and lines can be hired for the length of your stay and we will always have a range of flies and accessories available.


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