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  • Our Mission

    As the governing body for all angling, the Angling Trust will seek government funding to develop the sport from grass roots participation through to elite performance. We will develop programmes with clubs to increase participation, particularly amongst groups who have yet to discover the joys of going fishing. We will protect the rights of all anglers to do what they love most. The Angling Trust has been formed from an historic merger of six angling and conservation organisations in January 2009. Other bodies, including the Angling Development Board, will merge with the Angling Trust in 2009.

    The Angling Trust has a legal arm, Fish Legal, which will use the law to fight pollution and other damage to fisheries on behalf of member clubs, fisheries and riparian owners.

    The Angling Trust will campaign for:

    * Conservation
    * Protection of angling
    * Increased government and EA support for angling and fisheries
    * Control of nuisance predators
    Co-ordinated action on poaching and fish theft

    The Angling Trust will deliver:

    * More quality coaches from diverse backgrounds
    * Angling education programmes
    * Increased opportunities to participate in angling
    * National and international competitions
    * Support for angling club development

    The Angling Trust will fight:

    * Pollution, over-abstraction and litter
    * Declining marine and freshwater fish stocks
    * Commercial overfishing
    * Habitat Degradation
    * Damaging barrages, weirs and hydropower schemes
    * Poaching and fish theft
    * Unlawful navigation
    * Spread of diseases and parasites
    * Access restrictions
    * Anti-angling campaigns

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